Here are Four of the Worst Fast Food Artery Cloggers

Remember all the talk about fast food restaurants getting healthier? Well, it hasn’t happened yet. In fact, some restaurants still go way overboard with the amount of fat, salt and calories they pack into their meals! Here then, are four of the very worst fast food artery cloggers – according to the book Eat This, Not That by David Zinczenko.

  • Let’s start with the Denny’s Smoked Sausage Slam – also known as the Breakfast of Caloric Champions! This combo offers two scrambled eggs and two buttermilk pancakes, heaped onto a plate with bacon, ham and sausage, and topped with cheddar cheese.  All told, that’s 1,500 calories – enough to fuel your body for twp hours of morning jump roping! So if you’re going to Denny’s, simply ask for two scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast. It’s not exactly health food, but it’s a much better choice.
  • Moving on to appetizers, let’s try the Outback Steakhouse Aussie Cheese Fries. At 2,900 calories, you’ll need to do at least five hours of outback kangaroo hopping to burn off this fat bomb! If you’re craving those cheese fries, make sure you share them – with at least 10 friends!
  • Next on the artery clogging menu, there’s the Weinershnitzel Pastrami Dog. A hot dog alone is bad enough, but when it’s smothered in greasy pastrami, this meal weighs in with more than 2,000 milligrams of sodium – which is your limit for a full day and a half! A much better choice is the Weinershnitzel Turkey Mustard Dog. It’s got one-third the calories, without all the mystery meat hanging off the sides.
  • For even more pulse pumping salt, try the Pizza Hot Meat Lover’s Personal Pan Pizza. There’s nothing really “personal” about eating over two whole days worth of sodium and 49 grams of fat! In fact, there’s enough meat and cheese here to feed an entire family! So if you choose to eat it alone, your heart-attack won’t be far behind.  Instead, go for the Veggie Lover’s Personal Pan Pizza. You’ll still pack on close to 600 calories, but at least you can burn that off by jogging up and down a flight of stairs in an hour.

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