Do Late Snacks Call Your Name?

Despite everything we know about HOW and WHEN to eat right, some of us leave claw marks on the doorframe when we have to resist that bowl of ice cream or leftover lasagna just before bed. Why? According to Science Daily .com, late night snacking resets your body clock, makes you restless, and trains your brain to expect food at odd hours. Here’s the deal:

Researchers at the University of Texas studied mice to see what happened when they were fed before they slept. Why mice? Because the amounts and times they eat can be closely monitored. In diet studies, humans tend to fudge results.  The researchers let one group of mice eat whenever they wanted. These mice followed a regular schedule of eating and sleeping. The 2nd group was fed at 4 hour intervals, so some meals showed up at bedtime. And these mice IMMEDIATELY began to expect their midnight snack, and scurried around looking for it days after it was taken away.

So what does this mean for us, exactly? Well, if you’re someone who sniffs around the kitchen at night, you need to reset your body clock. But be prepared - it isn’t easy. Since your body clock affects both eating and sleeping patterns, you’ll be restless and have cravings for at least a couple of days. But hang tough. once you’re through it, you’ll be on the fast track to the waistline you want.

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