Cure Your Cravings

Got the afternoon munchies? You can cure your cravings! Here’s how, courtesy of Woman’s Day magazine.

  • Drink water. Many of us mistake thirst for hunger, thinking we want FOOD when what our body really craves is LIQUID. So, drink a glass of cold water before diving into a chocolate bar. Your urge will probably vanish.
  • Pick sweet AND crunchy. Foods like apples and carrots have the perfect combination of flavor and texture to make you feel satisfied.
  • Go nuts! Eat a small handful of raw nuts – like almonds or walnuts. Not only will you feel full, but the good fats in nuts stop the production of GHRELIN – which causes your stomach to rumble.
  • Pop a mint. Sometimes you just need to indulge in a strong taste craving. So try a sugar-free mint or a breath strip – the flavor may be all the stimulation your taste buds need to feel satisfied.

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