Your computer and your phone could be ratting you out!

Your computer and your phone could be ratting you out!
That's the message from a recent survey on workplace monitoring and surveillance by the American Management Association. Here's what they found:
  • First of all   you probably already know your company has the right to read your email at work. But you may not know that, odds are, they're doing it all the time. According to the survey, 60% of businesses use software to monitor email and instant messages. The most common thing businesses do is scan for keywords   ones that may be harassing or refer to business secrets. They're also scanning for formats   like resumes. Software can also capture a snapshot of your computer screen   which means yes, your boss can read your personal Hotmail account.
  • Also, more employers are monitoring your phone conversations   the time you spend on the phone   and the numbers you call. In fact, 51% of employers do all three!
  • And you know the cushy company car you're driving? Guess what, it's probably got a GPS locator on it. Eight percent of businesses say they use GPS to check on company vehicles   but 40% say they plan on using it in the future. That means, no more stops at the sports bar after your appointments.
So basically, assume the boss is watching, listening, and reading your every move. Don't do anything you'd rather your boss didn't know about.

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