Word of the Year for 2005

So, what's the Word of the Year for 2005? According to Webster's New World College Dictionary, it's infosnacking. Which means using work breaks for something other than coffee and donuts. Something "informationally productive" - like jumping on the Internet to check email, comparison shop, Google sports scores, or surf the latest headlines.

So, what other newly-popular words made the "hot" list? Most are also "techno" words, like:
  • Wi-Fi   which means wireless Internet connection.
  • PDA   personal digital assistant   like the wireless Palm Pilots and BlackBerrys everyone uses to send email and surf the 'net.
  • Then there's podcast   where you can download talk shows, college lectures, or ebooks to your iPod and listen any time you want.
  • Another "almost" Word of the Year winner: job spill   all the hours of work performed off the clock because employees are now reachable 24/7.
  • And porta-fuel   easily transportable healthy meals for our on-the-run society.
  • And don't forget the words bird flu, trans fat, and sudoku   that new number puzzle that's the latest rage.
Now I'll try to use all these new words in a sentence. Here goes: "So there I was, at a Wi-Fi coffee house eating trans-fat-free porta-fuel and using my laptop to infosnack for the latest sudoku puzzle, when my PDA clicked on with the inevitable job spill, and my boss told me to get tested for the bird flu."

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