Well, I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but spam email works.

Even though everybody says they hate it, block it--and 78 percent of us delete it without even opening it. There are 20 percent of us who click on it and buy whatever's advertised! Ask any investor and they'll tell you that's a darn good rate of return.
Those statistics come from a survey done by Yahoo Global Mail of 37 thousand internet users in eleven different countries. And here are some other spam and email tidbits they discovered.
  • In Japan, half of all email users actively express their displeasure with spam by emailing nasty notes back to the spammer.
  • Most people say receiving spam e-mail is more stressful than visiting the dentist, sitting in traffic jams, or Christmas shopping. So what's more stressful than Spam? Survey says! Moving into a new house or going on a first date.
  • Also, even with the annoyance of spam, people worldwide are in agreement that the loss of their e-mail would be more devastating to them than going without radio or television.
  • And most people admit they'll put up with spam over having no email at all.
As a matter of fact, computer users love email so much, a full 66% of us check our email while on vacation. Now, in case you think I mean checking work email while on vacation - oh, no. Only 20 percent said they'd be checking work-related email, while 42 percent were checking mail from family and friends - and from what we just learned, probably a spam hit or two!

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