In Your Own Living Room

The future of entertainment is closer than you think! In fact, it's right in your own living room. According to UTNE magazine, "house concerts" are quickly becoming the newest craze. In dozens of states across the U.S., people are hosting live shows in their living rooms as often as twice a week   for crowds of about 30 to 130 people. And it's not just up-and-comers that perform, taking any opportunity to be seen. Well-known artists like Tim Easton and Lucinda Williams have also jumped on the house-concert bandwagon.
Performers say they enjoy playing in homes because there's no stage - so there's no distance between them and the audience. It's more personal. Also, artists say they usually make more money at these concerts than at traditional bars or clubs, because they sell more CDs, they get all the money from the ticket sales, and the tips are usually much better in an intimate atmosphere. And often, people who host house parties also have a potluck dinner before the show. So the artists get to eat and hang out with the crowd before they play, which encourages people to support their music.
And of course, the people who host the parties get bragging rights   "Yeah   I had John Tesh playing in my living room and it was AWESOME, man!" If you're interested in hosting a show, check out the website House They've got the scoop on how to book artists, find an audience and even plug in amplifiers!

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