Do you have a dream that seems larger than life?

Well with a little work, you can make your fantasies come true! Here are a few tips on how to live your dream life, from I Village .com.
Fantasy #1: Winning a Contest or Sweepstakes. Forget Powerball. Instead try local sweepstakes, like a grand-opening giveaway at a new department store   there are far fewer entries. That's the word from Steve Ledoux, author of "How to Win Lotteries, Sweepstakes, and Contests in the 21st Century." He says if you're allowed to submit more than one entry, do that - but stagger them over the duration of the contest so they're mixed in throughout the entries. And fold your entry form into a weird shape, like an accordion. This trick will help draw the person picking the winner to your entry.
Fantasy #2: Getting an article you wrote published. Magazines usually look for dramatic real-life stories, so if you've had a medical miracle in your family or triumphed over a painful experience, that's a good type of story to submit. Send a brief letter to the magazine summarizing your experience and telling the editors how you can be reached if they want to hear more. Oh, and don't send your pitch to the editor-in-chief. Check the masthead - the list of everyone who works there, usually found after the table of contents - and find the name of someone in the articles department. Then send your work to that person.
And finally: if you dream of staying in a Five-Star Hotel: Go against the trend. Hotels are more likely to offer deep discounts and free room upgrades during the off season or other slow times. For example, the week before Thanksgiving is a great time to go to Hawaii   practically no one's around. Also, take advantage of frequent-flyer and credit card rewards programs, like American Express or Diners Club. And you might do better checking rates on the hotel's website, rather than calling the hotel directly to try to get a deal.

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