What Gives People a Sense of Wellbeing?

If you want to be happier, listen up! Here’s the lowdown on what gives people a “sense of wellbeing” – and what doesn’t. This intelligence comes from recent research published in the London Daily Mail. First, here’s what makes people unhappy:

  • Broken relationships, getting fired, and living in a heavily-polluted area.
  • Also, most people can smile through a light drizzle but heavy rainfall can cause depression.  In fact, any type of extreme weather hurts happiness.
  • And two things that don’t necessarily increase contentment: being well-educated, and having children. The research has found that you can be just as happy without those things.

On the flip side, here are a few predictors of happiness from the wellbeing study:

  • First, being married is a mood-booster. Several studies show that married couples are happier than singletons.
  • Other mood-boosters: Gardening, praying, and going for walks. Also spending more time socializing with friends and family, and being of average weight boost wellbeing. As does being in a stable relationship.
  • Also, people who care about endangered species are happier.
  • One last happiness-booster: getting a good night’s sleep.

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