"Know thyself" is an important philosophical approach to achieving happiness in your personal life

And according to the Chicago Tribune, "know your market value" may be just as important in achieving success in your professional life.
The term "market value" means how much you're worth to an employer. And not just in terms of money. If you can help the company achieve its goals, that makes your value go up. And the higher your market value, the more you're able to negotiate any aspect of your employment   salary, flexible schedules, benefits and other perks.
Tony Lee is the editor-in-chief of Career Journal .com. And he says the more information you have about your market value, the greater your likelihood of success. So - how do you determine what yours is? Lee offers these tips:
  • Do some research and find out what the average salary is for someone with your skills and background.
  • Then, figure out what unique contributions you make to the company.Something outside your typical job description, especially anything that can create revenue or cut costs. Maybe you have a friend who can get state-of-the-art copy machines at a discount. Attach a dollar value to those contributions.
  • And finally, show what you bring to the party. Original ideas, how you've figured out a way to work more efficiently, and how you're a team player. These are bonuses   something you're NOT being paid for. So again, attach a value to these.
Then add up everything up. Lee says when you do this, you'll know your worth to yourself and to the company - your market value. And this will give you the confidence you need to ace a job interview, get the promotion you want or negotiate a more flexible workweek.

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