Easy Ways to Show Respect to The People You See Every Day

Let’s talk about respect, because when people feel respected, their sense of self-worth rises. Often, they’ll do everything they can to help the person who offered it, in the hopes that they’ll continue to be treated well. That’s the word from Deborah Norville, a two-time Emmy winner and author of The Power of Respect. She also says that respecting people improves our own outlook on life. So, here’s how to show respect to the people you see every day, courtesy of the Bottom Line Personal.

  • When it comes to your friends and family, ask their opinion. Mention a news story or an issue that’s giving you trouble at work and ask, “What do you think about this?” Norville says when we ask people for their input and listen to what they say, we send a message that we respect their intelligence and opinions.
  • In the workplace: Help your colleagues and employees picture a positive future career. Make comments suggesting that a coworker or employee has a bright future with the company. Or better yet – that they’re on track for a promotion, if you believe this is true. Something along the lines of, “Keep this up, and you may be the new assistant manager.” This tells the employee that their hard work has been noticed, and reinforces the idea that it’ll pay off in a big way. 
  • When it comes to showing respect to people in service positions: Express a willingness to help with their problems, before asking for help with your own. One problem shared by practically all customer service reps, retail employees, waiters and so on is coping with demanding, upset customers. So, Norville says acknowledge this problem, and do your part to reduce it. You might tell the person, “I can imagine all the complaints you must deal with, and I’m going to try to be the customer who doesn’t make your job annoying. Also, I’m hoping you can help me with a small problem. Thank you in advance.” This lets customer service employees know that you value their efforts.

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