Do You Know "The Secret" to a Better Life?

You’ve probably heard people talking about The Secret. Oprah, Larry King and Ellen Degeneres have all devoted airtime to it. So what exactly is this SECRET everyone’s clamoring for? Well, a little more than a year ago, an Australian production company released a documentary about the “law of attraction” called The Secret. It’s based on the theory that people can create their own realities through their thoughts – sort of an updated twist on the power of positive thinking.  Well, The Secret has become a self-help sensation. More than a million and a half DVDs have been sold, and almost 2 million copies of the book based on it.

Dr. Joe Vitale was one of the self-help experts featured in the documentary, so the folks at the Bottom Line Personal asked him to share his thoughts on the concept. Here’s what he had to say. The idea that we attract things with our thoughts might seem controversial, but at a certain level it’s plain ol’ common sense. After all, aren’t people who think positively about their careers more likely to attract a promotion or a raise than someone who hates their job? Also, people who have upbeat attitudes about their friends are likely to have more of them. And medical science has shown that patients who think they’ll recover are more likely to do so.

Vitale says the philosophy behind The Secret takes this a step further. It argues that our thoughts shape EVERY aspect of our lives – it’s not our boss, or family, bad luck or the economy holding us back – it’s our own thoughts. We need to take control of them in order to get what we want. So just how do we do that?

  • Know what you want. Our bitterness about our problems – be it a bad back or a pile of bills, only attracts more problems. So replace negative thoughts with positive ones about the way you’d like things to be – and you’ll draw those things to you instead. For example, “My marriage is failing” becomes “I have a wonderful spouse whom I love, and I’m going to make this work.”
  • Think big. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Most people feel bound by the limits of what they consider feasible for their lives. They hope to make enough money to pay the bills - not enough to make them a millionaire. But even your biggest dreams aren’t big to the universe. So think about what you’d want if you could have anything at all. Write that goal on a card and keep it in your wallet. This way you’ll unconsciously remind yourself of your goal, and your mind will nudge you in the direction of turning it into a reality.
  • Let go – your intuitive impulses will bring the results you want. Once you start thinking “I’m going to be a millionaire” – then ideas, contacts and opportunities capable of making you a million dollars will be pulled toward you. You’ll notice a need that you could fill by starting a company, or find the perfect way to promote the skills and ideas you already have. Or if you think “My spouse will treat me wonderfully,” you’ll begin to see ways to give them what they want. Because once you learn to help them, they’ll return the favor, and start treating you wonderfully.

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