Are Bad Habits Ruining Your Life?

I’m not talking about little things like leaving wet towels on the floor. I’m talking about fatal flaws - like being late or overeating - that hurt your health, your relationships and your reputation. So, courtesy of Fitness magazine, here are the causes and the cures for 3 dangerous bad habits:

  • Yo-Yo dieting. According to nutrition expert Linda Spangle, people who are constantly losing and gaining weight never see themselves as thin. They need a more realistic self-image. So, get out and see how other people react. Take a public speaking class or join an improv group. Once you start thinking you’re a thin and confident person, you’ll eat like a thin and confident person.
  • You're always late. Let’s face it, you have all the skills you need to be on time. So being late could be your way of avoiding confrontation. For example, someone who’s late for an interview might not want to admit they don’t want the job. Or someone who’s always late to meet a certain friend might not feel like that person’s very supportive. If this sounds like you, examine the reasons behind your actions - then speak up.  
  • Picking fights with your spouse. If you’re always having a spat, you might be testing your partner to see if they really care. The fix here is to think before you speak. Instead of picking a fight, practice communicating your needs. That’s what will really keep your relationship on solid ground.

Bottom line: If you have a realistic view of yourself and work on saying what you really think, most of the obstacles in your life will disappear, and you’ll be well on the path to success – both personally and professionally.

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