Nail Polish Is the Biggest Fashion Trend of 2012

Ladies, take a look at your nails. Are they painted with glitter, spiderwebs, or neon green? If the answer’s “yes,” then you’re sporting the hottest fashion trend in 2012.

Trendspotters say that wild nail polish is the latest must-have. Even pop stars like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber have teamed up to create special, outrageous polishes. And cosmetic makers are racing to roll out the craziest polishes they can, from glitter, to crackled, to scented polish. Like Betsey Johnson’s Too Too pink polish, which has a floral and fruit scent.

And sales back up the polish trend. In the last year, there’s been a 67% jump in polish sales and over 600 new shades debuted. that’s double the amount than the year before.

So, why is wild polish all the rage? Experts say that it’s a wallet-friendly splurge in this economy. Because spending $10 on a fancy polish is a way to indulge yourself and get a fashion fix. Also, women are willing to try daring colors or designs because it’s a cheap way to change their look, temporarily. Instead of dying their hair or investing in a new wardrobe.

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