Dye Your Hair Gray!

Want to instantly be trendy? Dye your hair gray! It may sound odd Ė since people spend billions buying hair dye to COVER their gray, but trendspotters say that gray hair is the hottest look around these days for the under-30 crowd. Theyíre calling it ďGranny Chic.Ē

Top fashion designers, like Karl Lagerfeld, are using silver-haired teen models in runway shows. Also, a number of young Hollywood stars have recently sported the gray look, like TV personality Kelly Osbourne, rock singer Pink, and Lady Gaga. 

And thatís inspiring high school students up to twentysomethings to hop on the gray bandwagon. In fact, there are hundreds of YouTube videos featuring teens sharing tips for coloring your hair gray on the cheap.

So, why are so many young people choosing to go gray decades before their time? Experts say itís the taboo aspect of it. The contrast of smooth, wrinkle-free faces with older hair. In fact, thatís the key to the look: Being young. Sporting gray hair just looks ordinary if youíre old enough to go gray.    

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