Everyone could use some extra cash. Here are 4 unusual ways to beef up your bank account:  

  • #1: Sign up for a clinical trial. If you meet the medical requirements, you can earn up to $2000 testing new drugs. But a word to the wise: Make sure you evaluate all the health risks before signing up.
  • The 2nd way to make a few extra bucks: Showcase your talent on the website Fiverr dot com – with two “r”s. Basically, people offer their services for $5 a pop. Some people offer tech services, like PhotoShopping pictures. Others get more creative and offer things like personalized singing videos. And true to its name, Fiver dot com charges the person buying your services $5, and passes $4 on to you.
  • Another moneymaker: Working online. Of course, you want to be wary of “work from home” scams. But there are legitimate options. Product research sites like Survey Savvy pay up to $15 per survey. Or you can do quick, repetitive tasks like tagging images for a few cents each on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.
  • And the last way to make extra money: Become an App master. Some businesses pay people with smartphones to be their eyes and ears while they’re out an about. Pay ranges from a penny to $3 per task. For example, the mapping company TomTom, might ask you to verify street addresses or traffic signs. Another customer is MenuPages, and their gig might be to have you snap a few pictures of an up and-coming restaurant and its menu.

To find these mini-jobs, try apps like GigWalk – Field Agent – and Check Points.

If you forget any of these, email me at Tesh.com or ask me about it on Facebook and we’ll refresh your memory.