Are you hoping for a sick day in your near future? Well, you have permission from career experts to call in sick Ė sometimes. With the sky-high unemployment rate, a lot of workers these days are petrified theyíll lose their job if they take even one day off. But experts say sometimes a sick day is the right call. Weíve got a list of when calling in sick is OK and when itís not. Letís start with when itís not OK:

  • You partied too hard last night. Experts say itís not fair to make your coworkers pick up your workload just because youíre hung-over.
  • Itís the opening day of ďIron Man 3Ē! Or a playoff baseball game, or your favorite band is in town. Experts say if you want to go to an important event, schedule the day off ahead of time.
  • Your boss is driving you crazy. A new poll found that half of workers don't like their managers. But calling in sick isnít a fix. Instead, experts suggest focusing on working hard Ė that way youíll move up the ladder, and possibly even above your current boss.

Now, hereís when experts say itís OK to call in sick:

  • You have a family emergency, like your child or spouse is sick.
  • When commuting to work would be like ďMission: Impossible!Ē If icy, rainy, or snowy weather is bad enough to close roads, or schools Ė experts say itís probably not safe for you to be on the roads.
  • Itís also OK to skip work if your water heater floods your basement! Household emergencies happen to everyone. And because plumbers, electricians and repairmen often only work during normal business hours Ė itís OK to occasionally miss work so they can make repairs.
  • You have a job interview. Experts say an interview is your shot at advancing your career, so you should always make time for it.