What you feed Ė or donít feed your dog Ė can add years to their life. Here are the scientific facts from The Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan. First, letís talk about what your dog doesnít need.

Like a vegetarian diet. Even if youíre a vegetarian or a hard-core vegan, you have to realize that dogs are omnivores. They get essential nutrients from meat Ė not just protein. Dogs need the amino acids in meat. A vegetarian dog would need to get those from supplements. Dogs do need protein too. A great non-meat source is eggs, and dogs love them. But cook them thoroughly. Raw eggs can give them salmonella poisoning. But if you decide to make your dog a vegetarian, you need to tell your vet so they can head off any vitamin or nutritional shortages.

Another thing dogs donít need: Ice cream. Dogs are generally lactose intolerant. The occasional spoonful wonít hurt, but why risk it? Also, a lot of ice cream contains foods a dog should never have Ė like chocolate, raisins, and coffee.

The final thing your dog doesnít need? A bone. Chicken, beef, fish Ė itís not worth the risk. Bones can easily splinter and puncture your dogís digestive tract.

So what foods does your dog need to stay healthy?  Pumpkin is like a miracle food for dogs. Itís good for both diarrhea and constipation. Get 100 percent canned pumpkin Ė donít give them the sugary pie filling. But a couple tablespoons of plain, old canned pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A. Use teaspoons with a smaller dog. Donít feed them the whole can Ė itís too much vitamin A at once for them to handle.