Here’s something that’ll go right along with our “Money Survival” Intelligence. How to save money on three things – travel, food, and prescriptions. We found this in Reader’s Digest.

  • We’ll start with how to save money when you TRAVEL: Talk to a human being at the airline. That comes from travel expert Peter Greenberg. Why? Because a website – whether it’s an airline’s or a discounter’s – doesn’t always have all the cheapest flights. So before you make any decisions, try calling the airline’s 800-number for flight information. Then compare that with what you find on the Internet and book the best deal.
  • If you’d like to save money on FOOD, try this. Buy locally. It can cost $0.75 just to ship a cantaloupe from California to the East Coast and $2 to cover the freight for a watermelon traveling from Florida to your grocery store. Peter Napolitano - otherwise known as "Produce Pete" of Weekend Today in New York - says that you’ll get a tastier product by buying locally because it’ll ripen on the vine longer and you’ll get more for your money because you’re cutting out the transportation costs. Also, DON’T always assume that cheaper produce is going to be lousy when it comes to quality. We’re accustomed to believing that the higher the price, the better the quality. However, with produce, the opposite can be true. When fruit is fresh and in season and the volume is up, the price can go DOWN because grocers have to move perishables quickly.
  • The final money-saving tip is for PRESCRIPTIONS: Compare prices. You can compare the cost of FDA-approved medications at certified pharmacies in the United State at You can also check out the ‘Options to Consider’ box for money-saving suggestions – like switching to a comparable but cheaper drug. Of course, you’d have to check with your doctor first before making any changes.