So, the world didn’t end in December, as the Mayans predicted. But that didn’t stop us preparing for it, anyway. In fact, preparing for doomsday - whenever it comes – is big business today. Because in the past year, sales for things like survival gear and freeze-dried food are through the roof. 

And this year, experts are predicting that we’ll spend more than half a BILLION dollars getting ready for what doomsayers call: “TEO-TWAW-KI.” That’s an acronym for “The End Of The World As We Know It”.

There’s even a retail chain for the apocalypse, called the Ready Store. Their customers are known as “preppers” – or “survivalists”.  And an executive from the store says there are many reasons why there are more preppers today than ever before:

  • First: People are reacting to the growing number of deadly natural disasters in recent years - like Superstorm Sandy, and the tornado that destroyed many parts of Joplin, Missouri.
  • Other “preppers” are stockpiling supplies due to fears about a potential economic collapse or, because they’re caught up in the hysteria created by a growing number of TV shows about “preppers”.

What exactly are people buying for the end of the world? As you might expect, there’s been a surge in sales for basic emergency supplies - like batteries, flashlights, and canned food.