Iím Betsy Chase and Iím a shopaholic. Okay, Iím not the type to go into debt just because I canít resist something luxurious, and I donít have a closetful of clothes with the tags still on. So I guess in the hard-core, you-really-have-a-problem sense, Iím not a TRUE shopaholic. I guess I just love to shop. And Christmas makes it even more fun and tempting.

I love to walk into a store and see an array of colorful cashmere sweaters, I like seeing gift sets of cosmetics in sparkly boxes and I like browsing and picking out the perfect gift for people. I love the holiday music and people wishing me a Merry Christmas, even if theyíre trying to sell me something.

Well, we offer a lot of shopping advice on The John Tesh Radio Show and although I keep it in mind, I donít abide by it.

  • Things like: Donít touch items or pick them up. Because if you hold an item for 30 seconds, you feel more attached to it and youíre more likely to buy it. But whereís the fun in not touching a super-soft robe for your Mom? Or feeling the leather on a new wallet for your boyfriend?
  • Another tip I ignore: Donít turn right when you enter a store. Stores know thatís our inclination, so thatís where theyíll put the most expensive stuff. Well, Iíll walk into a store and make a beeline for whatever catches my eye Ė expensive or cheap. If I canít afford it, I donít buy it. But I may dream about it for a few months and hope it goes on sale.
  • Final shopping footnote I donít heed: Stop browsing! Studies show that walking every aisle Ė or through every department - adds an average of 10% to your total bill. Why? Because youíre bound to find something that catches your eye. But I love to browse! And I love to try things on. You never know whether something may be absolutely perfect Ė or perfectly dreadful Ė until youíve browsed and tried things on.

I know Christmas isnít about the gifts Ė itís about showing the people in your heart you appreciate and love them in whatever capacity you can. But if it that love comes in a perfectly wrapped package, with a sprig of Christmas tree tucked in the bow, and a thoughtful gift inside that I think will lift someone up Ė I donít see anything wrong with that.