A new study claims to have found the best seat on an airplane. One seat that combines maximum comfort with convenience, and reduces the possibility of a stress-induced mid-flight mental breakdown.

That seat is 6A. 

Skyscanner is a flight comparison website, and they asked people about their air travel preferences and combined the results to find that one seat that's just right. According to the study, 45-percent of people prefer the first few rows of seats - a no-brainer, since those fliers get to board and de-plane first. But people don’t want to be too close to the bathrooms at the front of the plane. People also seem to prefer a window seat. And when you combine all those factors – the ideal seat is 6A. 

So what's the worst seat on the plane? 31E. 

It’s a middle seat near the back of the plane which puts you right near stinky bathrooms, no easy sleep – unless you lean on your neighbor’s shoulder, a long wait for food and drinks, and since you’re in the middle – no view and no easy way to get up and move around. 

So to review: Best seat – 6A. Worst seat – 31E.