A British insurance company conducted a study on car color and personality types, and found certain colors are linked to certain traits. Hereís what your car might be saying about you:

  • If you drive a green or blue car. Youíre cautious! Researchers found that people who drive green and blue cars are most likely to obey the speed limit. This makes sense. Since blue and green cars are the favorites of families. Youíre not going to go 100 miles per hour if youíve got a baby on board!
  • If you drive a red car. Watch out! You have a greater chance of being pulled over! Researchers found that the color red subconsciously makes people think of speed and recklessness. Plus, the bright hue is easier for cops to pick out on the road.
  • If your car is black. Youíre probably a risk taker! The study found that drivers of black cars considered themselves bold, impulsive people. Itís also the most popular color choice for businesspeople. But be careful Ė researchers also found that black cars were most likely to be involved in an accident.
  • What about silver cars? The British study found that drivers of silver cars tend to be cool, calm and collected. This is probably why silver cars get in the fewest accidents.
  • If you drive a yellow car. Youíre unique! Yellow car drivers are usually imaginative and love novelty. And since only one in 100 cars on the road is yellow, they want to have a car thatís as unique as they are!