Do you want to know the secret to making your relationship last? Ask an Australian. Australians get divorced 33% less often than Americans. So, here are a few secrets from Down Under to improve your own relationship:

  • Australians say the key to having a great marriage is having great friends. Australian men and women spend a lot of one-on-one time with their friends. So, each partner has a big support group to turn to. On the flip side, most Americans spend their free time online or watching TV, which means they rely on their partner to be their B-F-F, therapist, and golf buddy. So, when they’re going through a rough patch, they have no one to talk to. In fact, a Duke University survey found 1-in-4 Americans don’t have anyone to discuss important issues with. So, experts suggest bulking up your circle of friends.
  • There’s no such thing as the “Australian Dream.” This is another reason they have a lower divorce rate. Australia was founded as a penal colony. And psychologists say hundreds of years later, Australians still resist conforming to a set standard, like needing a dream job or house to feel complete. However, Americans are programmed from birth that if they don’t have a list of specific things, then something’s “wrong” and they blame the marriage.
  • Act like an Islander. Australia is an island, which makes them geographically vulnerable. So, their mindset has long been to understand the rest of the world, not conquer it. And that flexible attitude trickles down to their relationships, making Australians more willing to adapt and compromise – which is a crucial quality in any marriage.