No parent would leave their child with a babysitter that harmed them unless that baby-sitter was the TV! According to a Study from University College London, the more time young children spend in front of a TV, the more trouble they have in school and on the playground. Here are the facts, courtesy of Reuters news service:

  • First, researchers had parents fill out a questionnaire that assessed things like hyperactivity, discipline problems, and how their children got along with other kids.
  • Then they compared the surveys to the amount of time each child spent watching TV and playing computer games. You guessed it! More screen time meant more trouble.  
  • The researchers also tracked the amount of time each child spent playing outside, and the kids with the fewest problems watched the least amount of TV, and got the most amount of exercise.

The take home message here is simple: Kids need less TV and more play.  Since we tend to do less physical activity as we get older, it’s important to get kids into the habit early.