According to surveys, most men donít get dressed by themselves: two-thirds are helped by their wife or girlfriend. And the survey also found that it goes beyond wives and girlfriends helping: 3-in-10 guys get told what to wear or have clothes bought for them by their mother!

Guys, itís time to give your mom and girlfriend a rest. Thatís because a crop of new online subscription fashion companies are popping up thatíll pick out stylish outfits for you. You simply fill out a questionnaire describing your style, measurements, budget, and what type of clothes you usually wear Ė whether itís suits or casual. Then a stylist handpicks the hottest clothes that match your wish list, and mails them straight to your door.

Experts are predicting that services like these will be a huge hit, since a study by the Wharton School of Business found that most men hate shopping and arenít any good at it! Most guys will look for one item at a time, like socks, which means they have to make more trips to the mall to get everything they need. So, guys, here are some clothing subscription sites to try:

  • If youíre into the fancy look, is for you. The site will send you your own personalized box containing anywhere from 10 to 20 items, from a $200 Calvin Klein sweater to a $1,000 designer suit. And youíre only charged for what you keep Ė the rest you send back!
  • Then, if your closet is in need of some major TLC, thereís For $60 bucks a month, theyíll mail you an assortment of jeans, polos, socks and tees!
  • And if you want to rock the hippest trends, check out Theyíll mail you a box full of the hippest fashion accessories of the moment to spruce up your wardrobe. Right now, thatís vintage belts and tribal-inspired socks.