Whatís the latest anti-aging trend a lot of Baby Boomer men are hooked on? Testosterone replacement therapy! Guys get shots of testosterone hormones, or rub on gels, or pop supplements sold under names like ďT-upĒ and ďT-bomb.Ē Manufacturers claim the hormone will boost your energy, focus and strength. But experts warn that testosterone hormones can cause dangerous side effects for life.

Now, men naturally produce testosterone - but production starts tapering off after age 30. So, by the time men hit their 50s and 60s, they have significantly less testosterone. Thatís where testosterone therapy comes in. Some guys say that within days of starting T-shots their energy is through the roof, and their focus improves at work. Men on testosterone may also lose fat and build muscle. Thatís why testosterone is a billion dollar industry!

But there are big downsides to getting a testosterone boost. First Ė the benefits can plateau anywhere from one month to one year into treatment. Also, once you start taking testosterone, you have to take it for life!

Thatís because once you start taking the hormone, your body thinks it doesnít need to make it anymore - and itíll never create it again.

So, guys, if youíre considering hopping on the testosterone train, know that before you start, get screened for prostate cancer. Experts say that testosterone replacement doesnít cause cancer. But if you already have a tumor, it can make it grow faster. And if you start hormone therapy, get blood work done every four months. Men taking testosterone have increased levels of red blood cells, which can lead to serious circulation issues, and raise your risk for heart attack.

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Meredith McKenna