We've all been there: after making it a goal to hit the gym sometime during the day, but one thing after another gets in the way and we eventually talk ourselves out of going. Want to avoid those motivation zappers? Here's how to do it: 

  • You donít have time. 89% of adults are likely to abandon exercise plans when theyíre time-crunched by work or family obligations. So, whatís the fix on this? Use the 20 minutes you spend debating whether to go to the gym or not - and just go. Once you start, youíll probably stick it out. And even half a workout will help you handle the stress and strain of everyday life.
  • Nobodyís cheering. 35% of adults who donít exercise say they skip it because they donít have a workout partner, or somebody to cheer them on. And studies show that people who do have social support exercise more regularly. So, make a standing date with a friend to help you stay on track.
  • Going to the gym. 59% of exercise-avoiders donít feel like leaving home to work out. The good news is: you donít have to. A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that people who jump on a home cardio machine lose weight and are more likely to keep it up than people without equipment. If the price of workout equipment is holding you back, consider this: non-exercisers pay an average of $330 dollars more a year in medical bills than active people. But if a treadmill still wonít fit into your budget, or your rec room, donít despair! Just get yourself a couple of workout DVDs. Or just lace up your sneakers, open the front door, and start walking. Itís free!
  • Youíve hit a weight loss plateau. The fix is to change up your workout. Studies show that people who alternate between moderate and high-intensity workouts burn 9 times more fat than the moderate-exercise-only group. So, take a brisk walk one day and a high-speed stationary bike ride the next. And routinely change the number of weights and reps you use in strength training.