The C-D-C has a message for you Ė next time you get sick, stay home from work! A lot of people worry that skipping work will make them look lazy Ė and might even put their job at risk. But C-D-C officials say that showing up sick is a bad move all around.

First, you risk infecting the entire office! Anytime you cough or sneeze, anyone within 6 feet of you can catch your flu germs. And when your coworkers get sick Ė who do you think theyíll blame? Itís not a great way to earn your colleaguesí trust and support.

Then, even if you think going to work while you hack, sneeze, and sniffle makes you a super trooper, youíll be a super ineffective trooper. A study found that productivity dramatically drops when youíre sick, simply because it takes you roughly twice as long to focus on tasks.

So, next time youíre sick, call or email your boss explaining that you canít come in. And if your presence is extremely crucial, offer to be available by Skype or email. And donít go back to work until your symptoms are gone for at least 24 hours Ė thatís when youíre no longer contagious.

Lesson Expert

Meredith McKenna