You could be spending 40 hours every week doing something that’ll kill you – it’s sitting! We’ve talked about how dangerous sitting is. Well, here are even more ways researchers say that sitting damages our health:

  • It ruins your sleep! When you sit still for long periods, fluid builds up in your legs. And when you eventually stretch out in bed, that fluid travels up to your throat muscles, causing them to swell. And that can quickly lead to sleep apnea – where you partially wake up several times an hour just to breathe. Even if you don’t realize you’re waking up – you’re not getting quality rest.
  • It makes your rear end bigger!That’s because sitting puts weight on the fat cells in your rear – causing them to produce twice as much fat, at a faster rate, as when you’re standing. And worse – when we sit or lie on fat cells, they produce more triglycerides, the fat that increases your risk of stroke.
  • Sitting can turn your lungs into ticking time bombs! A study found that sedentary people have more than double the risk of developing a deadly pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in your lung! That’s because any time you sit, your blood flow slows, and is much more likely to form clots that settle in your lungs.

The fix? Stand up! Experts say that every 20 minutes, you should stand up and stretch your legs for a minute. Also, get in the habit of standing up while doing mindless things, like talking on the phone and texting.