Taking a multi-vitamin every day is a waste of money! According to Reader’s Digest, the vitamins and supplements in each pill could actually be doing you more harm than good. For example:

  • A lot of people think taking a multi-vitamin can make up for a poor diet, but a lengthy study of 160,000 middle-aged women found those who took multi-vitamins were no healthier than the women who didn’t! Even women with poor diets weren’t helped by popping a multi.
  • Another myth about vitamins is that Vitamin C prevents and fights colds. Back in the 1970s that was a popular idea, but recent studies found Vitamin C only reduces the length of a cold by a day or two. To get any benefit, you have to be taking Vitamin C before you feel a cold coming on!
  • Now, if you’re taking vitamins because you believe they’ll prevent heart disease or stroke, they won’t. Instead, the American Heart Association says use your diet to reduce your risk of heart disease. Whole foods contain natural vitamins! Stick to fruits, vegetables and whole grains like oats, wheat and brown rice.
  • Cancer is another disease vitamin pills won’t prevent. In fact, the National Cancer Institute says they may do the opposite – even causing certain cancers and heart disease. Some studies link high doses of folic acid from vitamins to colon cancer, and anti-oxidants like beta-carotene pills increased lung cancer in men. Researchers say if you get your vitamins in pill form they can act like a drug and have unexpected side effects. So instead, eat a well-rounded diet that includes:
    • Broccoli and red peppers for Vitamin C.
    • Almonds and sunflower seeds for Vitamin E.
    • Carrots and sweet potatoes for beta-carotene.
    • Garbanzo beans and orange juice for folate.
    • Potatoes, bananas and chicken for Vitamin B6.
    • Eating salmon or lean beef for B12.
    • Drink plenty of milk or get out in the sun a little each day for Vitamin D.

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