We've got four great reasons why owning a pet helps you lead a healthier lifestyle:

  • Petís help decrease your risk of heart disease. In one study, people had lower heart rates when they took stressful tests with their dogs in the room. Also, owning a pet outperforms medication when it comes to controlling stress related high blood pressure.
  • Youíll get more exercise. On average, dog owners spend almost 2 hours a week letting their dogs exercise them.
  • Fewer trips to the doctor. Studies show that people who own pets need less medication and fewer medical visits than non-pet owners with similar illnesses.
  • Studies show that kids with pets are less likely to experiment with alcohol and cigarettes. Thatís because they have better things to do with their time when thereís a 4-legged creature around to play with.

For more information on the benefits of pet ownership, or to find a pet, check out the SPCA website.