One hundred calories. That’s about 2 Oreos. Doesn’t sound like much - until you try to walk it off! The average woman needs to spend 20 minutes on the treadmill to burn 100 calories. And if you take in an extra 100 calories a day, you’ll gain 10 pounds each year! But if you take in 100 calories LESS, you’ll drop ten pounds. So, here are some easy ways to carve 100 calorie chunks out of your diet, courtesy of

  • Don’t clean your plate. Leaving a tennis ball sized portion of pasta or a baseball sized chunk of microwave popcorn saves a little more than 100 calories.
  • Switch to an open-faced sandwich. One slice of bread has 80 to 100 calories. Skip the cheese and you’ll cut out another 100 calories and be on track to be 20 pounds lighter by next summer.
  • Use chopsticks. According to research done by the Shakaihoken Kobe Central Hospital in Japan, using chopsticks will slow down your eating and save at LEAST a hundred calories WITHOUT making you feel deprived. Why? It takes 20 minutes for your body and brain to connect on feeling full. And since most of us can’t shovel as much in our mouths with chopsticks as we can with a fork, we’ll take the time to feel well-fed.  
  • You’ll come out a hundred calories ahead if you pat your slice of pizza with a paper napkin to absorb the extra oil.

None of these sound too tough do they? That’s good news because each of these tips represents a loss of AT LEAST ten pounds a year. Small changes really do add up to big reductions in your waistline.