Want more reasons to drink green tea? 

  • #1: It contains one of the most potent antioxidants ever discovered. One that occurs only in tea with the greatest concentrations in green tea. And when itís in your gut, itís even more effective than when the teaís still in the cup.

  • Green tea is also good for your brain. The compounds in freshly-brewed green tea help prevent dementia, by keeping toxins from destroying brain cells. 

  • Green tea is also good for your heart. Researchers analyzed 18 studies, and found that each cup of tea you drink lowers your risk of heart disease by 10%. Why? Because it helps block the formation of clots and plaque, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and makes your veins and arteries more flexible. 

  • Finally, green tea means youíre less likely to need Botox, and donít have to worry as much about sunscreen. In a study, people who drank green tea daily for 3 months had skin that looked smoother and younger because of increased blood flow. And green tea drinkers were 25% less likely to get sunburned.