Do you find it hard to eat healthy during the holidays? You're not alone! Here are a few tips on what to choose, whether you're out shopping for gifts or spending time with friends at a holiday party: 

  • If you’re at the mall, should you snack on a Cinnamon Bun, or a Giant Pretzel with Cheese Dip? The winner by a landslide is the PRETZEL. Even with the tub of cheese, it’s “only” 490 calories. While the cinnamon bun contains double the calories, an entire day’s worth of saturated fat, and 15 teaspoons of pure sugar. 
  • At a holiday party, should you get Eggnog, or Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream? Go with the HOT COCOA. It has less than half the calories and saturated fat of eggnog – which is a “triple threat” of cream, whole milk and egg yolks. 
  • What about Ham versus Prime Rib? Go with the HAM! Prime rib is one of the fattiest cuts of meat around. And has 3 times the calories of lean ham. In fact, a 6-ounce serving of prime rib has 63 grams of fat – and more saturated fat than you should eat in an entire day. 
  • Should you get Apple Pie or Pound Cake? The winner is: PIE. Apple pie has a third fewer calories than pound cake, and less sugar and fat. And apples provide nutrition and filling fiber. 
  • Should you go with Fudge or a Frosted Christmas cookie? Even if it’s big and heavily-frosted, the SUGAR COOKIE is your best choice. Because fudge has twice as much sugar as a sugar cookie – and can easily go down in a single 220-calorie bite.