If youíve ever struggled with your weight, youíve probably dreamed of boosting your metabolism without having to spend hours in the gym. Well, new research shows that itís possible to burn 200 extra calories a day! All you have to do is exercise the right way for 25 minutes.

Over 3 days, scientists measured the daily calorie burn of volunteers. On the first and third days, everyone followed their normal routines. But on the second day, volunteers started their morning doing sprint intervals on a stationary bike. They pedaled at fast as they could for 30 seconds, followed by 4 minutes of recovery time while slowly pedaling. And they did that for a total of about 25 minutes. The result? In addition to what they burned on the bike, the volunteers burned an extra 200 calories throughout the day on the day they did sprint exercises.

What's this mean to you? That you donít have much of an excuse not to exercise because just about everyone can spare 25 minutes a day. But lead researcher Dr. Kyle Sevits says that if you want to see the increased calorie burn, you have to follow the workout to the letter. That means you have to give 100% during your 30-second bursts. And since itís hard to push yourself that hard when youíre alone, Dr. Sevits suggests teaming up with a gym buddy or personal trainer to keep you on track.