There are a few guilty pleasures Iíll admit to in my life Ė and one of them is my love for musical TV shows. Reality shows, scripted shows, from ďGleeĒ to the ďThe Singing BeeĒ Ė you name it, Iíve watched it at least once. But after a few episodes, I usually get bored and move on to something else. That is until last year, when I got hooked on ďThe Voice.ď

I have yet to pinpoint why itís my favorite. Maybe itís because I love Christina Aguilera Ė who I heard in concert years ago and was stunned at how amazing her voice really is. Or maybe ďThe VoiceĒ producers just do a better job at getting the audience to connect with the judges and the contestants. All I know is that I donít want to miss an episode.

And I canít leave out ďAmerican Idol.Ē I must confess, Iím one of those people who only watches for the first few weeks to catch a glimpse of all those crazy auditions. I know, I know. Most of it is for show. I get it. But theyíre hoping you watch Ė and that youíll get attached to at least one contestant so youíll keep coming back every week. Only I donít. That might change now that my musical idol Ė no pun intended Ė is judging the show. Gotta love me some Mariah Carey, thatís for sure.

But itís rare that I watch these shows live, which means the next day, I have to avoid social media like the plague. And thatís a little tough in my line of work. You see, I refuse to subject my wonderful and amazing hubby to this type of television since he isnít a fan of these shows. (Iím sure heís not the only husband out there who feels this way Ė itís just not his thing.) Now, I watch them while heís at work, at the gym or when heís watching football. Itís a pretty good balance.

So, Iíve trained myself to look for certain words on Twitter and Facebook. And I will avert my eyes if I see anything resembling a spoiler until I have watched my recorded shows. The bonus part of all this is that I get to fast forward through the horrible singers, and boring songs. And if I really like the episode? I just start it over, sit back and watch it again.