Iím not a woman who is always dressed to the nines. You know, the women who can throw on a sweater, leggings and sunglasses Ė and still look cute? Those same women look put together whether theyíre running errands, meeting a friend for coffee or picking up their kids from school. I have always wanted to be one of those women, but I just canít seem to make it happen.

Part of the reason is because my number one priority when getting dressed is comfort. I love jeans with a little bit of give to them, shirts that arenít too form fitting and I crave clothing that comes in material that feels like pajamas. The minute I get home, if Iím staying in for the night Ė especially in the winter Ė then itís Sweatpants City for me.

I have an exceptionally kind coworker who sees me everyday in my office wardrobe, decked out in slacks, heels and a nice shirt. She says she just canít picture it Ė me, hanging out in sweats. But I do! I get the paper in them, I run to the grocery store in them Ė I even pick my husband up from work in them sometimes. (Iím shaking my head at how frumpy I sound as I write this.) Thank goodness Iím not one of those famous people followed by the paparazziÖ theyíd probably have a field day with my choice of clothing most of the time.

Hereís the thing: itís not that I donít own any cute clothes. Iíve got blazers and jackets and sweaters and jeans in my closet; not to mention a great shoe collection Ė most of which are high heels. My closet runneth over, but I donít always utilize it. I go in spurts, where Iíll put different outfits together for work, or Iíll get glammed up just because I feel like it on a Saturday. But most of the time, the comfort factor wins out.

One thing is for sure though Ė comfort goes out the window though when Iím attending an event. An alumni dinner, date night with my husband, a concert Ė you name it. Thatís when the big guns come out of the closet: sparkles, heels, or that cute sweater that goes with a beautiful scarf. And itís funny, because I love the feeling that comes with getting all dolled up. I get a kick out of dressing up for my man or an evening out with the girls. What woman doesnít like to feel pretty?

Yet, at the end of the night when my feet start to ache from my adorable heels and my legs are cold from being exposed to the cool night air, thereís one moment I look forward to most. The minute I get home and can put on some comfy clothes. Am I lazy about my wardrobe? Maybe. Am I obsessed with being comfortable? Perhaps. But the one good thing I can say about my fashion sense is that at least I keep things interesting.