Sometimes it’s the little things. And today’s little things are socks; warm, toasty socks.

I learned long ago on our show that researchers found wearing socks to bed can help you fall asleep much faster. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the ideal room temperature for a good night’s sleep is about 65 degrees, because your core body temperature has to drop before you can fall asleep. Oddly enough, in the quest for sleep, it helps to have warm feet. Because the warmth helps your blood vessels dilate, which allows heat to escape, so your overall body temperature can drop more quickly. Having warm feet also helps you relax – and you certainly can’t sleep if you can’t relax.

Believe me, I’ve put that advice to good use. When I crawl into a chilly bed – and I snuggle down, and start to get warm, but suddenly find myself wide-awake, the answer’s usually: No socks! But the minute I slip a pair on, I start feeling all toasty and sleepy. Ahhhhh!

Which leads me to a totally different sock topic. I couldn’t figure out why I was so cold at my desk this morning. Sure, my office is always freezing – that’s why I have a stack of sweaters and a space heater. But today, nothing seemed to help. And it took me ages to realize: No socks!

Roll back four hours: I slipped bare feet into my shoes so I could pop outside to grab the newspaper. But between phone calls about Christmas lists, packing boxes in the car to ship via UPS before work, and tidying up, I completely forgot to get socks!

So, I popped down to my car, hoping my trunk contained buried treasure. Voila! A pair of tennis socks. (I even think they’re clean!) It’s certainly not stylish – white socks, black shoes! – but my slacks (mostly) cover the offending color combo.

Most importantly: I’ve finally got warm feet. And I can relax and concentrate. Bliss!