Ladies, your quest to be beautiful could cause everything from permanent bald spots to hypothermia! People will go to extreme lengths to look good – even if the procedures sound sketchy. And often, the results can be dangerous and irreversible. So, here are some of the most dangerous beauty treatments – and what you need to know:

  • Hair extensions. Millions of women who get them to have long, luxurious hair. But dermatologists warn that in as little as 3 months, the weight and pressure of extensions can rip out your real hair, causing permanent bald spots. The people at the biggest risk for damage from hair extensions are those with already thin or weak hair, which are usually the ones who want extensions the most. Experts say the safest way to get longer hair is to use clip-in extensions, which you can take out at the end of the day.

  • Hanging out in a cold chamber spa! It’s a trick athletes use after a strenuous workout, to reduce inflammation and speed muscle recovery. But now spas are offering the service to regular folks. But experts warn that the shock of the extreme cold can increase blood pressure, boosting your risk of heart attack and stroke. Also, if you soak for 30-minutes or more, your body's core temperature can drop and cause hypothermia.

  • Brazilian blowouts. It’s a hair straightening treatment that’s become very popular. But the C-D-C warns that the straightening chemicals used may have dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, which studies have linked to a high risk of cancer. And even products labeled “formaldehyde free” have been found to still contain dangerous levels. The debate is still raging – and salons still offer the service. So, get your hair straightened at your own risk.

  • Plumping parties. If you get invited to one of these, RSVP no! That’s a party where people gather at homes or hotel rooms to have their wrinkles filled in – or “plumped” with silicone. The problem is that once silicone is injected into your face, it’s there permanently – unless you get it surgically removed. Even scarier – at any time, the silicone can shift across your face, giving your face a lopsided look. So, only get cosmetic treatments performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon in their office.

What do you think? Should these beauty treatments get scrapped in favor of staying healthy? Or should we continue pampering ourselves because we deserve it – no matter the risk?