Even if you feel healthy, your body could be rapidly aging on the inside and battling everything from kidney failure to lung cancer! So, here are the top warning signs that your bodyís in trouble from Dr. Mehmet Oz:

  • Your eyes are red! That could mean you have arthritis. Dr. Oz says that the same cellular process that causes inflammation in your joints can cause inflammation in your eyes, turning them red.
  • Your skin has lost its glow Ė no matter how much lotion you use? You may be suffering from dangerous kidney issues. Dr. Oz says that when your kidneys are healthy, they filter wastes and excess fluids out of your blood. But when your kidneys stop working that can cause anemia Ė a condition, which grays the skin.
  • Your sense of smell is fading. That can mean a serious neuro-degenerative disease, like Parkinsonís or Alzheimerís! So, do a smell test. Hold an alcohol swab by your belly button, and raise it to your nose. Stop as soon as you smell the swab. If itís 8 inches or more away from your nose, your sense of smell is OK. But any less than that, your sense of smell is going and thatís one of the first parts of the brain thatís affected by Alzeimerís disease and Parkinsonís.
  • And, take a look at your toes Ė see any bumps? If thereís a bump on your toes between the knuckle and nail, that could be a giveaway that oxygen isnít getting distributed throughout your body. And you may be suffering from a serious lung disease.

If you feel you have any of these symptoms, call your doctor today and make an appointment to find out if need further medical care.