If overindulging over the holidays has made it hard for you to button your jeans, listen up. Here are 4 easy ways to speed up your metabolism and burn more calories, without really trying:

  • Eat pineapple. Sports medicine expert Dr. Dan Hamner says that pineapple contains high levels of the enzyme bromelain, which helps us burn calories instead of storing them.
  • Meditate. A study in the Medical Science Monitor found that meditating increases levels of the neurotransmitters, which in turn boost your resting metabolic rate. Another thing to remember? Stress makes your body deposit dangerous fat cells around your waistline. But meditation helps you control the stress, helps reduce stress eating and helps metabolize your food more effectively.
  • Stand more than you sit. Exercise physiologist Dr. William Sukala says that only 1-in-4 of us do it. But people who sit all day are more likely to gain 25 pounds a year than people who stand while they work. If your job requires a lot of sitting, make sure you get up and walk around at least 5 minutes every hour.
  • Laugh more. Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo is the author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness. And she says that – minute for minute – laughing burns more calories than a rowing machine.