Time to give your brain a check-up! Dr. Andrew Sills is a professor of neurological surgery at Vanderbilt Medical Center. And he says there are some small signs that may actually be a big deal when it comes to brain issues. So, be aware of these warning signs:

  • You canít remember where you parked! That may seem like no big deal Ė and it IS, if it only happens occasionally. But the key is to compare yourself to others your age. If your peers have trouble finding their car in parking lots, odds are, youíre just aging normally. And the part of the brain linked to memory DOES age faster than other parts of the brain. But if your friends donít have problems remembering where they parked, but you always do - then you could have a serious brain issue, like early Alzheimerís and should see a doctor ASAP.
  • You feel numb. Thatís a warning sign that you may soon suffer from a stroke! And the warning signs can come on up to 7 days BEFORE you have one. So, be aware of these symptoms: sudden numbness, memory loss, or difficulty walking in spells that last 5 minutes or less. If you experience those symptoms, get help ASAP. If you get treatment before the stroke comes on, you could avoid a major, life-changing attack.
  • Do you suddenly get splitting headaches? It could be a sign of a brain aneurysm! And 1-in-15 North Americans will develop one Ė which is a ruptured blood vessel in your brain. The key is early detection. And the top warning signs are: a sudden splitting headache with neck pain. If thatís you, head to a hospital! But donít panic if youíre prone to migraines Ė over 99% of headaches donít predict a problem. Itís when you get one thatís intense and out of the ordinary.