If you’ve gotta focus at work, we’ve got tips to help. These come from Adam Gazzaley, who’s a professor of neuroscience at UC San Francisco and the author of the book “Still Procrastinating?”  He says these will get you back into the swing of things in no time!

  • Don’t fool yourself – no one works best under pressure. According to studies, people who procrastinate are also poor planners and organizers. They also have a harder time accessing their working memory, which involves the ability to both remember information and to use it. So, get cracking as soon as you know what task you need to complete.
  • Tell people what’s on your to-do list. If you tell people you’re planning on doing something, you’ll feel more accountable and you’ll be more likely to do it. So, tell the boss, “I’ll have this on your desk by 5.”
  • Cut your distractions. Put your phone on silent, close your door, and switch off your email notifications. Distractions disrupt your active neural networks.
  • Work in chunks. If you try to focus on something for 3 hours straight, you’ll burn out. Instead, break things up into half hour chunks. After each 30 minutes, get up, walk around, get a drink of water, check Facebook. Then get back to work. 

What tips or tricks do you have to maintain your focus at work?