from Fitness Magazine:
  • First, to beat the Monday blues--That anxiety you feel at around 5pm on Sunday evening when you start thinking about the week ahead--Plan something fun. Maybe it's lunch with a friend or a movie after work with your spouse. According to clinical psychologists, if you have something to look forward to on Monday, your anxiety will vanish.
  • Next, to avoid confrontation with a co-worker, your wife, or a friend   say this: "That hasn't been my experience." That way, you're not saying 'you're wrong, I'm right'. And you're not trying to change the beliefs of the other person, which is almost always impossible.
  • Now, to give the perfect compliment, know this. It should NOT require a compliment in return. The best words to use are ones that the person probably hasn't heard before. To do this, target a person's subtler traits. If everybody compliments the boss' sense of style   whip one out that compliments something inward   like courage, kindness, wit, or intuition.