Did you know people can figure out what type of person you are by looking at your computer? It’s true! Here’s a list of screen saver images and what they say about your personality:

  • Family photos. This means you’re easygoing! That’s the word from Psychologist Dr. Philip Gray. He says people with family photos realize what’s important in life, so they don’t get stressed very often. And if you don’t get frazzled, you’re easygoing and have a lot of patience.
  • A nature scene, like a palm tree or mountain range. It means you’re an over-achiever. According to psychologist Dr. Yvonne Thomas, someone who chooses pictures of Mother Nature isn’t necessarily a calm person. In fact, they’re usually very driven! Dr. Thomas says these types of people have a lot of stress in their lives, so gazing at their nature screen saver is their way of getting a dose of tranquility.
  • Outer space theme. This means you’re a planner! People who have stars and planets rotating on their computer usually see the big picture – and space is a really big picture. Dr. Thomas says these people are quick-thinking, curious about the world around them, and are always planning for the future.
  • City sights, like the Eiffel Tower. You’re a romantic! Dr. Thomas says people with city scenes on their screen use them to stay motivated and optimistic. Why does this work? Because looking at these images reminds them of a place they’ve been – or hope to go – which boosts happiness levels.

And what if your screen saver features rotating pictures of family photos, nature scenes, outer space pictures, and city sights? It probably means you should get your eyes checked, because that’s one seriously busy screen saver!