We now know the secrets hotels are keeping! They were revealed in a tell-all book by Jacob Tomsky. He’s a former front desk clerk who spent 10-years in the hotel biz, and he’s spilling everything he knows in his new book, Heads in Beds. Here are his top tips:

  • Stay away from the mini-bar glasses. Housekeepers have an average of 10 minutes to clean a room, from scrubbing the tub to making the bed. So minor tasks, like cleaning mini-bar glasses, are usually at the end of their list. They’re usually quickly rinsed in the bathroom sink. But it gets worse – a common hotel cleaning trick is to coat mini-bar glasses with furniture polish to give them what looks like a super clean, spotless shine.
  • Reserving a room through an online travel site guarantees you the worst room in the hotel. Tomsky says that online travel sites take a huge cut of the room fees, leaving the hotel with a lot less of your money. So people who book online are at the bottom of the priority list, compared to those who booked with the hotel directly.
  • Also, you know how sometimes your room key will stop working? Tomsky calls it “key-bombing” and the hotel staff will deactivate the keys of guests they don’t like – just to mess with them.
  • Did you know that hotels keep profiles about you - noting your behavior, good or bad? For example, if you throw a fit because your room has only two towels and you requested three, the desk clerk will make a note. Tomsky explains that it’s an easy way for the morning and evening desk clerks to stay on the same page about guests. He also says, when dealing with any member of the staff, be nice. Make eye contact. Remember names. Say “please” and “thank you.” Just like hotel staff can make a guest’s stay miserable – they’ll also go out of their way to give someone a great stay, just because they’re nice.