Students, prepare to get camera ready! A growing number of parents are lobbying to install cameras in every classroom across North America! It’s not to spy on you – it’s to protect you from abusive teachers!

The movement was sparked by the recent rash of horrific high profile cases of children abused by teachers and classroom aides. Some gut-wrenching cases have involved teachers punching, kicking and verbally abusing students.

The camera movement is being spearheaded by parents of special needs students – since they often aren’t able to tell their parents that they’re being abused. And even when kids do speak up, it’s difficult to prosecute abusive teachers because it’s a “he said-she said” situation, and schools often side with teachers.

So, a lot of parents are taking matters into their own hands. Like one New Jersey father. He put a voice recorder in his autistic 9-year-old son’s pocket before dropping him off at school. Later that day, when he played back the tape, he heard teachers verbally and physically abusing his son. And he says that if cameras were in the classroom, the abuse never would have happened or it would’ve captured the assault and could be evidence in court.

But schools are still blocking classroom cams because they say it’s an invasion of teachers’ privacy. And would make them feel extremely uncomfortable being monitored. After all, how would you feel if a camera watched you at work all day long?

So, do you think classroom cams would protect kids? Or are they an invasion of privacy?

Lesson Expert

Meredith McKenna