Never go swimming while wearing contact lenses - that’s the message from a growing number of eye doctors, who say they’re treating more and more eye infections today. The infections are being linked to a parasite, that’s found in almost all fresh and sea water and once that parasite gets in the eye, doctors say it can literally “eat the cornea” – causing blindness within 24 hours.


Why is swimming so dangerous for contact wearers? Experts say it’s because parasites can become trapped between the lens and the eye, giving them more time to burrow in. The same thing can also happen if you wear contacts in the shower, or if you clean your lenses with tap water.


Doctors say the problem is that more people are buying contact lenses online today, so an ophthalmologist isn’t there to remind people about good lens hygiene. But now YOU know. Never go swimming while wearing contact lenses, because all it takes is getting water in your eyes, while wearing contacts, to do serious harm.