Are you having trouble focusing lately? Do you keep losing your keys, or forgetting a deadline? Here are some surprising reasons why your brain could be wandering and expert tips to get your concentration back:

  • You’re vitamin deficient. Experts say that a fuzzy mind could signal a vitamin or hormone deficiency. Like anemia, or a lack of B-12. The fix? Get a physical ASAP.
  • You've changed your meds. Anytime you start or stop a medication, your body chemistry goes haywire. For example, studies show that people who go on or off of antihistamines suddenly feel drowsy all the time. So, write down all the meds you take, or recently stopped taking, and review them with your doctor.
  • What about your diet? Are Cheetos your main food group? Dr. Laura Middleton is a kinesiology professor at the University of Waterloo in Canada. She says that what you eat has a major impact on mental clarity. And bad eating habits increase your risk of hypertension, and high cholesterol, which are conditions that weaken your brainpower. Instead, go Mediterranean and load up on brain-boosting foods, like fish, and vegetables. And lay off fatty meats, saturated fat, and processed foods.
  • You’re stressed. Experts say when you’re anxious about a big work deadline or family commitment; your brain is hyper-alert on that one thing and blocks out everything else. So, as soon as you feel your stress rising, go for a walk. Studies show that a 10-minute walk instantly reduces psychological stress, clearing your mind so you can focus on more than one thing.